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Workshops & Masterclass

Photo Workshops & Masterclass

Workshops&Masterclasses are reserved for those who are looking for a more intense learning experience. These can sometimes involve classroom lectures, depending on the location. Joerg's Masterclass is more demanding, because it requires a lot of empathy and a sense of form and rhythm. They typically focus on a particular discipline or set of disciplines, such as composition, exposure, lighting, fine art, black and white, street, reportage, boudoir, fashion etc. These are open to all who are interested, from beginner to professional.

Photo Adventures

Photo adventures are aimed at enthusiastic photo seekers who want to expand their photographic skills through a sound artistic basis and the opportunity to apply them immediately in an exciting photographic environment on very exciting visual tours. A mindful photographic approach connects your photography and your mind by broadening and deepening your vision. Joerg will teach you how to develop concepts, work on the street, make portraits, work with bodies and movements, photograph with natural and artificial light and bring images to life in post-production.

The Team


Joerg Reichardt

Photographer & Workshop Leader

Giselle Pérez

Coordination & Tour Guide

Adrian Legra

Photographer & Guide

Laura Carill

Studio & Production

Danilo Garcia

Photographer & Guide

Jennifer Marrero

Tour Guide

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