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Photo Adventures, Workshops & Masterclass


Beginner, amateur, enthusiast, semi-pro and pro photographers with DSLR´s, mirrorless or compact cameras, or phones are welcome. All Photo Adventures are designed to accommodate all levels. Expect to come away with a greater understanding of what it takes to capture a great photo. Our objective is to help guide you through your approach when looking through the viewfinder. To open your mind and connect your self with your creativity. There are literally thousands of photos surrounding us at any given time. How we choose what we shoot, how we frame or compose, and how we expose, are often the deciding factors to a great photo. /// Please note that all instruction will be done in English or German. Spanish on special request.

Photo Workshops & Masterclass

Workshops&Masterclasses are reserved for those who are looking for a more intensive learning experience. These include work in the field, in unique indoor spaces, with models, dancers and real people, accompanied by specific lectures, depending on the topic. The Masterclass is more challenging as it requires a lot of sensitivity as we leave the beaten track and develop a sense of form and rhythm in real life situations. The classes usually focus on a specific discipline for a whole day, combining a number of disciplines such as composition, lighting, illumination, visual arts, black and white, street, reportage, boudoir, fashion, etc. You will learn how to develop concepts, work on the street, make portraits, work with bodies and movements, photograph with natural and artificial light and bring images to life in post-production. These Workshops and Masterclasses are open to everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Photo Adventures

Photo Adventures are aimed at enthusiastic photo seekers who want to expand their photographic skills through a sound artistic basis and the opportunity to apply them immediately in an exciting photographic environment on very exciting visual tours. A mindful photographic approach will broadening and deepening your vision through out your exiting vintage convertible tour.

Photo Tutoring & Guide

Personal tuition allows you to improve your photographic skills and put your abilities into practice immediately, while you learn a lot about the city and its culture and history. Due to the small group size you will enjoy very personal attention and support.

Personal Photo Shoot

You are the star. Our professional photographer will put you in the spotlight with your classic vintage convertible and the picturesque Havana as a background. You will experience a very personal photo shoot in front of and behind the camera.

Vintage Convertibles

On all Photo Adventures we are cruising with wonderfully restored classic vintage convertibles to take you to the most inspiring places in the best light of the day.

Photo Walks

We combine our tours with attractive photo walks through Havana Vieja, one of the most authentic and visually stunning parts of Havana. You can expect super cool opportunities for your street photography.

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